Learn to rest, not quit

Look at us- going through one of the hardest years we’ve faced as a community. We are all carrying the burden of feeling overwhelmed and I’m here to tell you it’s okay to put it down for the next few days. Let us rest fully, let’s enjoy the stillness, and take the opportunity to recharge.

Get some sleep.

It’s when your body and mind restores from the stress and fatigue of the day. While you sleep, your body releases proteins that repair your cells. The brain’s glymphatic system bathes your grey matter in fluids that get rid of all the toxins from that day of heavy thinking. 

Get outside.

If weather permits, getting outdoors in nature has many health benefits, including lowering your stress levels and blood pressure. It can even help you become more creative. After all the eating, get some fresh air and go for a walk.


This one sounds pretty obvious but make a conscious effort to truly relax. Sleep late, take a nap, enjoy a cup of coffee in solitude, read a few pages of a book, listen to a podcast. Whatever it is that relaxes you, take some time to do it.


Research has found that unplugging from technology – specifically work related – left participants feeling refreshed and feeling less ‘burned-out’ than those who continually were connected while away from work. If your position allows it, resist checking your email for at least a day to truly take a break.

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